A Grange road in 1937 view taken from a postcard .

The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Ramsey visiting St Paul's Church in 1974

Jarrow ladies on a St Mark's Church trip probably in the 1950s

Ellison St in 1900 Jarrow

A St Mark's Church Christmas party 1940s possibly 1950s.F Raine is my wifes late mother

A postcard scan sent to me of Jarrow's Grange Road in 1920.

The Presbyterian Church on Ellison St in 1890. To the left was St John's Tce & to the right went towards the river.

Looking along Grange Rd, across Ellison St to Christ Church in 1910. The Ben Lomond is still in business today.

Remember the paddling pool in Jarrow Park with Victoria Tce in view. The pool is long gone, filled in & grassed over.

The original St Peter's Church near the Tyne Tunnel in 1910 which was demolished years ago. Today St Peter's is on York Ave.

My late mother in laws photo with her St Mark's Church friends in the 1940s

My late mother in law Florence with her mother Margaret & Grandmother Grubb with friends in there Monkton Tce backyard about 1930.