An Allan Campbell photo of his father with Reyrolle's colleagues in 1982

Another from Allan Campbell of his father at a Reyrolle's photo taken at a Staff dinner in 1982

A nice old photo of what Bede's Well looked like in the 1950s & at the edge of the Slag Heap. Us kid called that part 'The Canyon'.

Gilda Thorius at the families allotment at Frederick St in the 1950s

Allan Campbell's photo of Hebburn folk at Lands End 1953-3 & with a few names

Allan's photo of Hebburn campers taken in Wales 1954

Allan's Reyrolle Conference photo from 1964 taken at Otterburn Hall in Northumberland

Another Conference photo from 1969

A Reyrolles conference in 1970

Another conference, this time just a few of the men inc Allan's dad in 1976

Allan's dad AF Campbell at what Allan thinks was a Reyrolle's dinner in the 60s

Gilda Thorius at a Pyro Xmas Party in 1963